Things have become a bit tense in the P&F offices. Actually that's understating it.

Karoline (with a K) has finally turned into the bitch troll from hell we all feared, and will bite your head off as soon as look at your draft press release.

The Grocer is to blame. Or rather the Grocer Marketing, Advertising And PR Awards (the GMAAPRAs as we must learn to call them). K is convinced that it's our turn to win agency of the year. "All our rival agencies have won and they're useless," she barks. "This time, it's going be us."

She's already commissioned celebratory advertising, ordered 300 crystal victory paperweights engraved with her portrait (leather-clad, astride a P&F logo'd Harley with a 'Leader of the Pack' banner flowing behind), and had 'I work for the Agency of the Year' tattooed on all the interns. I fear that when the shortlist is announced next week it's all going to be a little disappointing. Still, I suppose the interns could try to get jobs with whoever actually turns out to be the agency of the year.

Probably it will be whichever one is promoting the old PR 'reformulation' ruse, this week applied to HP sauce. Twinings is the most recent brand to show how it should be done, changing its Earl Grey blend and then milking it for all the PR value it can.

Now HP seems to be getting in on the act, its new recipe prompting 'fury', according to The Sun. As I recall, HP is one of those weird products that gets buried in barrels for seven years to mature beneath the industrial wasteland that is the West Midlands. Or maybe that's Worcester Sauce.

Anyhow, you can see why some shortcuts might be useful. But this looks like a PR stunt to me, so I forecast a couple more weeks of intransigence before they 'capitulate' and change the recipe back to the original 'due to popular demand'.