Sir, I read with interest your article 'Scooby snacks all round thanks to licensing deal' (The Grocer, 6 November).

Of particular note was the inaccurate claim made by Swizzels Matlow that declares it is the 'UK's biggest independent confectionery company'.

With a turnover of more than £160m, seven UK production sites with more than 1,350 employees and the largest share of the sugar confectionery market, I can confidently state that Tangerine Confectionery in fact holds the number one position.

Our rise to becoming the largest UK-owned sugar confectionery and popcorn manufacturer followed the acquisition of Cadbury by US firm Kraft earlier this year.

This, combined with our growth following Tangerine's acquisition of the former Cadbury's Monkhill Confectionery, has allowed us to cement our position at the top.

Alison Lewis, marketing director, Tangerine Confectionery