Consumer's view
ALEX STUDD, 30, md of an internet company, Kent
Being a consumer of Spanish varieties, I was intrigued to try this new Australian wine. They seem to be getting more and more popular, and with offerings like this, I'm not surprised.
It is particularly full-bodied and full of berries, with a subtle vanilla/coconut taste that reminds me of some of my favourite Spanish tipples.
The label suggests that it can be drunk with anything ­ even a curry. I decided to team it with Japanese tempura, and a spicy Miso soup. The aromatic spices and chilli work really well with the wine's fruitiness, which helps cool the heat. However, it would probably go with any meal or quite favourably on its own.
This is an excellent bottle and has definitely persuaded me to widen my choice. Although it costs more than I would normally spend, I would buy it for a special occasion.
Score: 19/25