Aldi has gone all out on desserts this year.

Its range features a series of additions to its Specially Selected range and foodie incarnations of its Christmas mascot Kevin the Carrot

Specially Selected Seafood Cocktail Bloomer

Seafood-Cocktail-sandwich aldi


King prawns, surimi, and coldwater prawns combined with a marie rose cocktail sauce, a spritz of lemon juice and apollo leaf lettuce between slices of malted bloomer bread.




Specially Selected Roly Poly Turkey Joint


Available from 19 December

A joint from free-range turkeys, slow-grown in Norfolk.


Specially Selected British Peppercorn Crusted Wagyu Picanha


£24.99 per kg/580g-830g
Available from 19 December

A cut of wagyu beef with peppercorns and spices. Serves four to six.


Oakhurst Whole Lamb Leg with a Cherry & Redcurrant Glaze


£9.99 per kg/1.8kg-3.2kg
Available from 19 December

A whole lamb leg with a cherry and redcurrant glaze.




Melt in the Middle Stuffing Bomb


Available from 19 December

Available in two flavours: Pork, Sage and Onion with an oozing cheese centre, or Pork, Chestnut and Bacon with a cranberry sauce filling.


Yorkshire Pudding Wrap with Pigs in Blankets


Available from 30 November

Two sausages wrapped in smoky bacon inside a buttery Yorkshire pudding wrap.



Party food

Specially Selected Mini Yorkshire Puddings


Available from 8 December

Mini Yorkshire puddings with British beef and horseradish sauce.


Specially Selected Chicken Katsu Spring Rolls



Chicken spring rolls with a katsu curry dipping sauce.


Let’s Party Steamed Gyozas and Bao Buns



Gyozas filled with either chicken or mixed vegetables, and tangy hoisin duck bao buns.




Specially Selected No Gammon Joint with Orange Marmalade Glaze


Available from 19 December

Plant-based No Gammon Joint served with a sweet orange marmalade glaze.


Plant Menu Ultimate Vegan Pigs in Blankets


Available from 19 December

Made with Aldi’s award-winning Ultimate No Pork Sausages and wrapped in smoky vegan bacon.


Specially Selected Festive Vegetable Wellington



Packed with vegetables and cranberries, hand-wrapped in buttery, vegan pastry.


Specially Selected Vegetable and Potato Rostis



Available in two flavours: sweet potato, butternut squash rosti with mixed vegetables and finished with a fresh pesto centre, or a carrot, beetroot and broccoli rosti finished with mixed vegetables in a creamy melt. 


Vegan Cookie Pot



Chocolate-flavoured cookie biscuit, topped with a layer of Belgian chocolate ganache.




Specially Selected Cheese Truckle Tower


Available from 8 December

A tiered stack of cheese truckles including:

- 15 Month Extra Mature Coastal Cheddar (400g)
- Aged Red Leicester (300g)
- Wensleydale and Sherry-Soaked Fruits (200g)
- Mature Coastal Cheddar and Caramelised Balsamic Onion (100g).


Specially Selected Ultimate Cheeseboard Selection


Available from 8 December

Comes with rye and sourdough crackers and a spiced apple and pear chutney. A collection of British handmade cheeses including:

- Beacon Blue
- Oak Smoked Red Leicester
- Farmhouse Mature Cheddar
- Burland Bloom Brie.


Specially Selected Five Year Cheddar Bake


Available from 8 December

Using Aldi’s five-year vintage reserve cheddar in a ceramic dish ready to heat.




Ballycastle Country Cream Advent Calendar


Available from 26 October

A 25-door calendar containing 21 Ballycastle cream-flavoured chocolates and three mini country cream bottles (5cl).


Glen Marnoch Whisky Trio Gift Set


Available from 29 October

A Glen Marnoch whisky trio giftset including Island, Highland and Speyside single malt whisky. 


Passionfruit & Pineapple Martini Infusionist Ready-to-Drink Cocktail


Available from 6 November

Ready-to-pour cocktail with passionfruit and pineapple for “an elevated take on the traditional Pornstar Martini”.


Pomegranate and Blood Orange Buck’s Fizz


Available from 6 November

Citrus-infused buck’s fizz with notes of pomegranate and orange.


Haysmiths Cranberry and Clementine Gin


Available from 6 November

Citrus and cranberry gin, winning Silver at the Spirits Business Gin Masters competition.


Infusionist Blue Raspberry Vodka


£16.99, 70cl
Available from 6 November

A vodka fusion of flavours including juicy raspberries.


Infusionist Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur


Available from 6 November

Premium vodka infused with smooth caramel and a hint of salt.




Hollow Milk Chocolate Festive Kevin


Available from 16 November

Hollow chocolate shaped to Aldi’s Christmas mascot Kevin the Carrot. 


Kevin the Carrot Ice Creams

image (1)


Vanilla-flavour ice creams on a stick shaped to Aldi’s Christmas mascot Kevin the Carrot.


Double Chocolate Semifreddo Igloo


Available from 6 November

Frozen creamy semifreddo mousse, filled with layers of chocolate and chewy meringue. Presented as an igloo, and finished off with a milk chocolate penguin.


Specially Selected Millionaire’s Filled Bauble


Available from 6 November

Belgian chocolate shaped into a half bauble, filled with brownie bites, biscuit crumb, white chocolate stars, chocolate mousse and a salted caramel sauce.


Specially Selected Front-Loaded Christmas Tree


Available from 10 November

Milk chocolate shaped like a Christmas tree and packed with fruit and spiced fudge pieces.


Specially Selected Ganache Pinecones


Available from 8 November

Available in two flavours: milk chocolate and sea salt or blonde chocolate and caramel, both with a smooth ganache base with a centre oozing sauce, encased in a pinecone finish, studded with biscuit balls.


Specially Selected Milk Chocolate Filled Trees & Baubles


Available from 1 November

Milk chocolate Christmas trees filled with salted caramel or milk chocolate baubles filled with caramelised biscuit, with detailing. 


Chocolate Popcorn Slabs


Available from 1 November

Available in two variants, milk chocolate and fudge or white chocolate.


Specially Selected Chocolate Truffle Crackers


Available from 1 November

Filled with alcoholic chocolate truffles and available in champagne or rum flavours.


DIY Gingerbread House Kit


Available from 1 November

Comes with a pre-baked gingerbread base and decorations.


Specially Selected Showstopper Ganache


Available from 21 November

Belgian milk chocolate and hazelnut, or blonde and Belgian white chocolate designs. Both filled with layers of mousse and gooey ganache with crunchy biscuit balls.


Specially Selected Billionaire’s Cheesecake


Available from 21 November

Digestive biscuit base topped with cheesecake, caramel sauce, chocolate ganache and cocoa dusting. Finished with milk chocolate shards.