“Never before has Sainsbury’s created an entirely devoted range for autumn,” says the retailer’s director of product and innovation, Claire Hughes. “But after speaking to our customers we realised this was something they were calling out for to help embrace the change in seasons through what they eat.”

Sainsbury’s has latched on to earthy autumnal flavours throughout its first range dedicated to the season, with multiple SKUs featuring truffle and warming ’nduja sausage.

Here’s our pick of the new products


Taste the Difference Truffle & Grana Padano Tortelloni



Sainsbury’s calls this an “authentic taste of Italy” packed full of premium ingredients and quintessential Italian flavours. The filled pasta dish is made in Italy using free-range eggs, black summer truffle, creamy ricotta and nutty Grana Padano cheese. It will go on sale from 29 September.


Taste the Difference Pumpkin Spice Houmous



You’ve heard of pumpkin spice lattes. Maybe even whispers about pumpkin spice Cheerios or – the stuff of legend – pumpkin spice Spam. Well, pumpkin spice season is officially upon us again and so it’s time for another revamped classic.

Sainsbury’s is claiming a “first to market” with its “moreish” Taste the Difference Pumpkin Spice Houmous (left). In addition to being bang on trend, the retailer says it boasts “both style and substance for a seasonal spin on tradition”. It will go on sale from 29 September.

Taste the Difference Truffle Houmous


If pumpkin spice isn’t quite your style, how about a houmous with a “luxury makeover”? This Taste the Difference Truffle Houmous (centre) is infused with black summer truffle and a truffle-flavoured oil to liven up crisps or load into a sandwich for an extravagant lunchtime treat, says Sainsbury’s. Truffle hunters can get their hands on it from 22 September.

Taste the Difference Camembert & Chilli Jam Quiche


Combining rich and gooey camembert with the sweetness of chilli jam (right), this is an upgrade on your traditional quiche that can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Online searches for chilli jam have skyrocketed over the past year, according to Sainsbury’s trend watchers, and with good reason, they say. “It both enhances flavour and adds a sticky, indulgent texture that perfectly balances the saltiness of the cheese,” according to the retailer. The quiche will go on sale from 22 September.


Taste the Difference ‘Nduja & Sage Sausage Rolls



A spicy Calabrian twist on a British picnic classic. The retailer is claiming yet another first with these ’nduja rolls, topped with a herbaceous oat and sage sprinkle, “taking both flavour and texture to the next level” it says. They will be available on 29 September.


by Sainsbury’s Brookie Dessert



The Brookie (right): a layer of cookie dough topped with a layer of brownie and finished with milk and white chocolate pieces. It may be new to some shoppers, but the ‘Brookie’ has a whopping 159,000 hashtags on Instagram, showing the hype for dessert mash-ups.

Two well-loved sweet treats combine to create a soft, oozy, delicious dessert, says Sainsbury’s. Its team recommends serving it warm, with or without ice cream, as a post-dinner treat to be shared with friends and families. It goes on sale from 10 October.

by Sainsbury’s Millionaire’s Ice Cream


Forget shortbread. Sticky caramel and rich chocolate come together in this delicious Millionaire’s ice cream (top centre), says the retailer. It suggests enjoying as an accompaniment to its Brookie dessert, or straight from the tub for the ultimate cosy night in. It will be available from 17 October.

Taste the Difference Winter Berry Crumble with Flapjack Crumb


Made with seasonal British fruit, including blackberries, redcurrants, raspberries and blackcurrants, this Winter Berry Crumble (left) is given a flavoursome, autumnal twist and is sprinkled with a tasty, lightly-spiced flapjack topping. The contrast of berries against the crunch of the crumble topping aims to make for a warming dessert. It rolls out from 10 October.


Spicy Hell’s Chicken Halloween Sandwitch



Getting into the spooky Halloween mood, Sainsbury’s is set to launch a sandwich on an Instagram-worthy and oh so spooky black bun. This ”sandwitch” features spicy Korean-inspired gochujang marinated chicken chunks, red leicester cheese, coleslaw and apollo leaf on a dramatic black charcoal bun. It will go on sale a few weeks before the big day, from 4 October.


Taste the Difference Root Vegetable Gratin



Sainsbury’s has gone all in on its range of warming, autumnal side dishes. Using British potatoes, carrots and parsnips, it paired a sweet vegetable base with a creamy garlic and nutmeg sauce to create its premium Root Vegetable Gratin (left). The gratin is then topped with a crunchy rosemary breadcrumb, and extra mature cheddar for a new take on a classic potato gratin. It will go on sale from 22 September.

Taste the Difference Truffled Maris Piper Mashed Potato


Another outing for the much sought after truffle flavour palate. Sainsbury’s says its Maris Piper mashed potatoes (top right) have been given a  restaurant quality twist, adding truffle as a touch of extra decadence to an indulgent and well-loved side dish. The retailer suggests pairing with sirloin steak for a date night dinner that’s sure to impress. It goes on sale from 22 September.

Taste the Difference Cottage Garden Pie


Made with a rich ragù of button and portobello mushrooms and cavolo nero cooked in merlot, this dish is topped with buttery mashed potato (bottom right), all prepped for the oven. A vegetarian take on a comfort food classic and a flavoursome match for its meaty equivalent, the retailer claims. It rolls out on 22 September.


Taste the Difference Chicken, ‘Nduja & Kale Soup



This “cockle-warming” soup is infused with subtle spice from the ‘nduja. Sainsbury’s says the “hearty” soup has a satisfyingly chunky texture, with tender pulled British chicken, beans and kale. Ideal for working lunches, it also contains two of the 5 a day and goes on sale from 22 September.


Taste the Difference Truffle Cheddar Cheese



For a next-level addition to the traditional cheese board, this rich Barber’s Cheddar base is blended with truffle (left) for a premium feel and flavour that Sainsbury’s promises will wow your guests. For extra indulgence, it suggests incorporating into a classic cheese toastie for the ultimate elevated comfort food. The truffle cheddar goes on sale from 10 October.

Taste the Difference Quattro Cheese Bake


Cheddar, double gloucester, mozzarella and red leicester combine to create the Taste the Difference Quattro Cheese Bake (right), a sharable starter for dipping crudités in. Presented in a reusable rustic terracotta dish, this can be popped straight in the oven for an oozy, cheesy crowd-pleaser, says the retailer. It rolls out from 10 October.


Chocolate Babka Bun



Indulgent chocolate is encased between layers of rich dough, and elegantly swirled into a decadent babka bun (left). Ideal as an on-the-go treat or afternoon pick-me-up, says Sainsbury’s. It created the choccie babka as an alternative for those who love a classic cinnamon bun but are ready to try something different. It goes on sale from 1 September.

Taste the Difference Caramelised Biscuit Cake


Sainsbury’s describes a “beautifully moist sponge” made with brown sugar for a rich flavour, then filled and topped with caramel flavour buttercream, finished with melt-in-the-mouth caramelised biscuit crumb. It recommends eating its Caramelised Biscuit Cake (top centre) alongside a cup of tea for an afternoon treat or post-dinner for a family-friendly dessert. It will be available from 1 September.

Apple and Salted Caramel Danish with a Biscuit Crumb


A popular flavour combo, the inclusion of apple and trendy salted caramel to the traditional Danish creates a showstopping autumn bakery addition, says Sainsbury’s. The tart and refreshing apple complements the creamy salted caramel sauce that encases the pastry. The Danish (right) is then topped with a salted biscuit crumb, adding a final kick of salt and texture. It rolls out from 1 September.