No Bull, No Porkies, no problem. Iceland has just announced its latest drop of vegan products for the new year and it’s packed with plant-based comfort food and meat-free takes on carnivorous classics. Here’s our pick of the range. 

Iceland_Vegan No Bull Steak Burger_Lifestyle

No Bull Steak Burgers

Rsp: £2/2x113g

Iceland already has a vegan burger on shelves but this one is made with wheat protein (as opposed to soya), which the retailer says gives it a “juicy, steak-like bite”.

Iceland_Vegan No Bull Mushroom Steaks_Lifestyle

No Bull Mushroom Steaks

Rsp: £2/2x80g

For Veganuary participants missing the finer things in life, Iceland has launched a steak alternative made with mushroom and wheat fibre and seasoned with herbs and spices. 

Iceland_Vegan No Porkies Bacon Pasta_Lifestyle

No Porkies Bacon Pasta 

Rsp: £2/350g

Heavy on the comfort factor, this penne pasta dish combines plant-based alternatives to chicken and bacon with mushrooms in a dairy-free creamy sauce. 

Iceland_Vegan No Bull Cottage Pie_Lifestyle

No Bull Cottage Pie

Rsp: £2/400g

A plant-based take on the British teatime classic, this pie will hit shelves on 5 February.

Iceland_Vegan No Chick Sweet & Sour_Lifestyle

No Chick Sweet & Sour 

Rsp: £2/350g

This dish combines soya protein, red peppers and pineapple in a sweet & sour sauce which Iceland says will “come to the rescue” for shoppers craving a takeaway this Veganuary. 

Iceland_Vegan No Moo Cheese & Onion Pasty_Lifestyle

No Cheese & Onion Pasty 

Rsp: £2/2x180g

Vegan cheese alternatives are notoriously difficult to do well, but Iceland thinks this new Cheese & Onion Pasty with “decadent melting dairy-free cheese” is “set to change the game”.


The new range

  • No Bull Mushroom Steaks £2/2x80g
  • No Bull Steak Burgers £2/2x113g
  • No Cheese & Onion Pasties £2/2x180g
  • No Porkies Bacon Pasta £2/350g
  • No Cheese Mac & Cheese £2/350g
  • No Chick Sweet & Sour £2/350g
  • No Bull Cottage Pie £2/400g
  • No Bull Burger £2/226g
  • No Porkies Pulled Pork Burger £2/226g
  • No Porkies Sausages £2/200g
  • No Porkies Sausage Rolls £2/600g
  • No Bull Meatballs £2/192g
  • No Bull Bolognese £2/350g
  • No Chick Strips £3.50/320g
  • No Chick Crispy Fillets £2/160g
  • No Cheese Mediterranean Garden Pizza £2/382g
  • No Cheese Houmous Pizza £2/284g
  • No Moo Melt in the Middle Chocolate Puddings £2/160g
  • No Moo Strawberry Cones £2.50/260g