Waitrose has unveiled its Easter 2023 own-label range, featuring the last items from the 12-year partnership between the supermarket and experimental chef Heston Blumenthal.

Also, tapping into the growing trend of savoury hot cross buns, the range features twist on a classic to create the West Country Mature Cheddar & Stout Hot Cross Buns, which it recommends serving in place of the muffin in an eggs Benedict dish.

Whether you’re after traditional Easter favourites or something new, here’s The Grocer’s pick of the new Waitrose range:

Heston from Waitrose: The Chocolate Dabbit



A dark chocolate shell filled with salted blonde chocolate truffle. Waitrose says ”the new Dabbit is based on an image often used by researchers to test for creative ability. It could be a duck or a rabbit, and being able to shift quickly between the two images is an indication of your imagination. Heston chose it for this playful Easter treat because it’s a glimpse into the way he and his team approach their cooking – always questioning, always looking for different ways to see things.”


Scrambled Fudge



Rich chocolate fudge made with Belgian chocolate is swirled with marshmallow.


Hip Hop Harri



Milk chocolate Hip Hop Harri carrying a salted caramel ‘carrot’.


Lemon Easter Egg Shortbread



Buttery shortbread in a classic Easter egg shape, filled with a zesty lemon filling. Available from the Waitrose patisserie counter.


Mini Easter Cupcakes


£3.49/9 cupcakes

Golden sponge fairy cakes with fondant icing and handmade sugar decorations. 


No.1 West Country Mature Cheddar & Stout Hot Cross Buns



A savoury twist on the hot cross bun, made with a sourdough starter, full-flavoured West Country mature cheddar, a splash of stout and a pinch of cracked black pepper. Waitrose suggests to “try them filled with thick cut bacon, a poached egg and hollandaise”.


Easter Chocolate & Orange Panettone



Rich, buttery panettone, made in Italy with candied orange and lemon peel, and finished with chocolate and sugar sprinkles. 


Easter Carrot Patch Cake



A lightly spiced carrot cake topped with sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting, cookie crumb and cocoa decorations.