Sainsbury’s has launched its modest 2023 Easter range with flavours for kids and grown-ups.

Bright, cartoon character eggs featuring Goldie Chick Yolker and Puddles Pig Yolker seem M&S-like, but without the need for another Colin vs. Cuthbert copyright lawsuit. For the more mature tastes, the Taste the Difference range offers innovative sticky toffee pudding and fruit & nut flavours to add an element of sophistication to the confectionery aisle.

This year, all Sainsbury’s own-brand eggs come in plastic-free packaging, meaning a guilt-free treat for the eco-minded chocolate lover

By Sainsbury’s Goldie Chick Yolker



A milky vanilla hollow egg with an orange beak.


By Sainsbury’s Puddles Pig Yolker



A hollow milk chocolate egg with a pink snout.


By Sainsbury’s Rainbow Speckled Egg



Belgian white chocolate egg coated with rainbow chocolate sweets.


Taste the Difference Sticky Toffee Pudding Egg



Hand-decorated, milk chocolate toffee-flavoured egg with crunchy caramel and buttery fudge pieces.


Taste the Difference Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Egg



A 54% dark chocolate egg garnished with roasted hazelnuts and golden raisins. 


Taste the Difference Belgian White Chocolate Egg 



A Belgian white chocolate hollow egg made with 27% cocoa butter and Madagascan vanilla.


Taste the Difference Hop Cross Bun Ale



For “grown-ups who don’t like chocolate”, Sainsbury’s has a new Hop Cross Bun ale, flavoured with subtle notes of bread, nutmeg and cinnamon.


Taste the Difference Lemon Curd & White Chocolate Hot Cross Buns



Four hot cross buns made with lemon curd, white chocolate chunks and lemon zest.


Taste the Difference Cheese, Tomato & Oregano Hot Cross Buns



Four hot cross buns made with mature cheddar cheese, sundried tomato paste, red leicester cheese and oregano.


Taste the Difference Blueberry & Cardamom Hot Cross Buns



Four hot cross buns made with currants and blueberries with a hint of cardamom.