Procter & Gamble is investing £100m in a New Year spring clean for its laundry portfolio, with new concepts, fragrances and range extensions.

The household goods giant is pairing up some of its biggest names, with the launch of both Lenor with Febreze and Ariel with Febreze Effect.

The duo will be backed by an £8.5m marketing campaign set to begin next month, highlighting the message "Surround yourself with freshness". The company hopes to encourage shoppers to trade up and boost value in the mature category.

The idea behind the newcomers, which target rival Unilever's Persil with the freshness of Comfort, is to give consumers extra fresh fragrance.

P&G is also adding liquids and liquitabs to the Bold Crushed Silk and Jasmine range it launched last year.

Brand manager Isabelle Dresco said early results for the powder and tablet formats had been good, with the fragrance variant already commanding a 2.8% share of the market by value. She said it had also helped to grow share in convenience channels.

P&G is also planning to add the fragrance to its Lenor fabric conditioner line-up, and to "restage" the

parent Bold brand later in the year.

Activity for other big brands includes a Daz campaign set to feature the 1980s monster hit 'I'm too sexy for my shirt' by Right Said Fred, who will appear in TV adverts to promote 'sexier' whites.

The rapidly extending Fairy laundry brand will get an Almond Milk & Honey fabric enhancer.

The company has also unveiled plans for its Flash household cleaning brand. The range is getting a new logo, an improved formula and a revamped label, supported by a £4.7m marketing campaign.

The new patented

formula - Flash with Flashguard - will be applied across the portfolio in sprays, wipes and all-purpose cleaners. It claims to create a protective barrier on surfaces that helps prevent dirt sticking, as well as making surfaces easier to clean.