Appletiser is hoping to claim a bigger share of the burgeoning juice market with the introduction of a 100% lightly fizzy natural pear juice.

Peartiser, which the company claims is the first drink available in the UK that uses nothing but pears, contains no preservatives, additives or added sugar. Targeted at 16 to 34-year-old women, it is positioned as a healthy substitute to booze.

"Like Appletiser, the pear version is a stylish, adult alternative to alcohol that can be consumed on a number of drinking occasions from lunchtime eating to a night out with the girls," said Sally Marshall, European marketing manager.

The move mimics that of the cider market, which has grown in popularity in recent years. In the past year various UK cider producers looked at trends in the apple juice market, such as premium options. Many also branched into pear ciders, or perries, in a bid to attract new drinkers.

Appletiser, which has a loyal fan base, also hopes to attract new consumers with the new pear variety, which will hit retail shelves mid-March this year.

The company said the extension was set to be the first of many building upon the brand's success since the product packaging was redesigned in 2004.

The launch will be supported by a programme of marketing activity, including advertising and on-pack promotions. It is also poised to benefit from the company's continued sponsorship of hit comedy Friends on digital channels E4 and E1.

As well as a 330ml can (rsp: 59p), the range will be available in 275ml and 750ml glass bottles, rsp 79p and £1.99 respectively.

To highlight the goodness of the product, packs carry the part of your 5-a-day message on the bottle caps. It can be distinguished from Appletiser by a yellow pear icon on the label.