Anna Turner

Bidfood’s Anna Turner has been named as interim vice chairman of the Foodservice Packaging Association.

Turner will undertake the new role alongside her main job as national account manager with Bidfood’s catering supplies team.

She has worked at Bidfood for 11 years and been “a vital member” of the FPA for over 10.

She has over 30 years of experience in the foodservice industry, having started her career as trainee customer assistant at Pal International before moving on to a sales manager position.

“As an active member of FPA’s board, Anna has dedicated her time and energy to support building a clear strategy, reviewing the work of other teams and much more,” said a Bidfood spokesperson.

“In her new roles, she’ll be involved in membership engagement to ensure their needs are met, looking into businesses to join, as well as handling claims, such as greenwashing, reported to the FPA.”

Turner said: “I am extremely proud of this acknowledgement and what it means for Bidfood. I’m always working to make sure that Bidfood remains relevant within the FPA, building our profile, reputation and credibility with customers.

“It will be a challenge, but it’s a task I’m more than willing to take as this, along with the packaging degree I’m starting next year, will provide me with the tools I need to put some of the strategic plans in place at Bidfood and the FPA.

“We want Bidfood to be the point of reference for packaging-associated schemes and legislation like the single-use plastic ban and the potential, upcoming DRS.”