The phone goes late on a Friday and the agency is calling to tell you the bad news: you have not got that job you really thought you had nailed at interview.

What's more, this was your only remaining option and you have exhausted all other avenues. You may be currently employed, looking to make that next move upwards in another organisation or perhaps you are between positions, hoping to get back into employment. Either way, the rug has just been pulled from under you, so what do you do now?

The first thing is not to despair! In your job search campaign there will most likely be a number of times when you find yourself at the end of a depleted list of opportunities. The important thing is to have confidence in your original plan and to continue focusing on the key drivers. Easy to say, I know, but you must get your job search campaign moving forward again.

The first step in this process could be to go through a quick self-check. Start by reminding yourself of your key achievements and successes over the last few roles. Think about what you are effortlessly good at and what you feel you can readily bring to other businesses. Consider focusing the essence of your communication less on your job title (what you were called) and more on your delivery capabilities (what you can do for a new employer).

There are always positives to be taken from seemingly bad situations. Consider what you have learned from this recent rejection; what could you change next time in your interviewing approach, what could you do better? Include this upgraded approach in your new toolkit.

Think about widening your network. Start by asking your contacts to refer you to other interesting individuals who may be instrumental in helping you on your way in terms of career change. Think of it as advertising your availability to a new audience. At the same time, revisit your list of key contacts and think really hard about who are the most influential people, which have really strong personal networks and who can really help you spring forward, and then try and set up an update session with each of these contacts.

Try to create options and look to have multiple opportunities on the go at any one time, no matter how embryonic. More options leads to greater confidence and greater personal power whether you are looking for a new job, a new house or even a new partner!

Above all, you have to believe that the solution to your current job search predicament is in your hands and yours alone. Your job is to harness all your resources and make it happen.

Glenn Steward is a professional business coach and director of The Trading Edge Co