Doctor Seaweed Craig Rose


Dr Craig Rose, Founder of Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful, on dancing, James Bond and butterflies

What was your first job? Washing cars - self-employed at 14 years old, charging just £2.50 for inside and out.

What’s been your worst job interview? It was for a nightclub called Baja Beach Club in Newcastle when I was at university. We had to show we could dance on the bar to a variety of cheesy hits.

What was the first music single you bought? I have no idea… Probably something impossibly uncool.

How do you describe your job to your mates? I tell them I sell seaweed. There are often comments about being a ‘weed dealer’.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? I love growing a business - and being able to do something that balances my love of marine biology with a commercial opportunity that is experiencing such incredible interest and growth.

What is the least rewarding part? Admin.

What is your motto in life? If not now, when?

If you were allowed one dream perk, what would it be? To run the business from a yacht while sailing around the world.

Do you have any phobias? Butterflies.

If you could change one thing in grocery, what would it be? It would be great to see product development and purchasing decisions a little quicker to help drive innovation.

What luxury would you have on a desert island? A mask and snorkel. I’m not so bothered about the land part of the island.

What animal most reflects your personality? A dolphin. They’re loveable, intelligent, love a swim through the seaweed and will happily take on a shark and win.

What’s your favourite film? Any Bond film. He often pretends to be a marine biologist. I’m a marine biologist who often pretends to be James Bond.

What has been the most embarrassing moment in your life? Linking to my phobia, I was in the Amazon on a boat. Everyone else was given a black poncho. Mine was bright yellow. The butterflies were the size of my head and seemingly love the colour yellow. I was freaking out beyond all reason.

Which celebrity would you most like to work with and why? David Attenborough. He is relentlessly incredible, with a passion for the natural world, and a mesmerising manner.