Have you had any initiatives to get customers through the store faster?

Since I got here, I have been stressing customer service and availability, so it was good to see that we succeeded at that. It really reflects a team effort from all 200 staff, everyone all the way through to the night crew and the stock people, for us to achieve that goal of perfect availability.

How long have you been at Tesco?

This is my first year at the company. I used to work in clothing and general merchandise, managing stores for TK Maxx, Superdrug, and Woolworths. I had admired Tesco from afar because it is very customer-focused and I joined because I wanted to be a part of that.

How have you found the transition to grocery store management?

The main difference has been the faster pace even when compared with a clothing store where you are dealing with fashion. On the other hand, Tesco is very strong in non food and my experience there has served me well. A full 50% of our 45,000 sq ft of floor space here is devoted to non food.

What local competitor is most challenging for you in this store?

We have a Morrisons and Sainsbury's nearby but we are doing quite well relative to them and we think we have a much better non-food offer. The Sainsbury's is about to be re-done, so that will increase the competition.

Is there any overlap with the nearby Tesco at Loudwater?

We really serve very different customers. Here, we tend to see a local ­customer looking for convenience and non food. On the other hand, Loudwater tends to serve the customers looking to do a large stock-up grocery trip, as it is open 24 hours and does not have any non food offer.

Are there any major changes coming up in this store soon?

We are right in the middle of the High Wycombe town centre redevelopment effort called the Eden Project, which will be going on for a while. We do not expect to have any major changes until that is completed.