Filippo Berio is moving its olive oil credentials into the pasta sauce category with a range of pestos that it claims stay true to Italian tradition.
The olive oil brand is launching three products - classic, red and olive pesto - in January across the multiples and fine food retailers.
The pestos are made in Italy to a traditional recipe, using Pecorino and Grana Padano cheeses, Ligurian basil, pine kernels and cashew nuts as well as extra virgin olive oil. The red pesto contains more than 40% sun-dried tomatoes and the olive variety contains more than 40% Ligurian olives.
They are free from additives and are made using gentle pasteurisation to retain the optimum flavour and aroma of the ingredients.
Classic green pesto is available in two formats, a family size 350g jar (rsp: £2.99) and a 190g jar (rsp: £1.89), with both red and olive varieties available only in the smaller format.