PG Tips is launching a £5m push for its new Fruit Herbal and Green tea range.

The campaign kicks off on 14 April with a new TV ad that starts with the PG Tips Monkey making a cup of red berries tea, and turns into a dance and musical number.

“We wanted to create an ad that brought the big flavour burst and great taste of our new range to life in true PG Tips style and humour,” said PG Tips brand manager Kate Mitchell.

Other activity will include print, sampling, PR, digital, VOD, social media and in-store marketing to emphasise the taste of the teas.

Brand owner Unilever launched the new range – five green tea blends and five fruity and herbal teas – in January.  They are sold in packs of 20 (rsp: £1.29 for green and £1.19 for herbal) in blends including mandarin orange green tea, jasmine green tea, and red bush & vanilla.

Green teas were previously launched under the PG Tips brand in 2008 but failed to gain long-term traction in the mults.

The launch followed a 6.1% decline in overall tea market volumes, driven by a drop in demand for everyday tea.