Applewood Vegan Block

Source: Norseland

Applewood’s vegan cheese alternative has seen its Asda listings go up from 235 stores to 470

Asda has doubled listings of the Heather Mills-endorsed Applewood Vegan cheese alternative as sales “continue to rocket”, according to the Norseland-owned brand.

The retailer, which exclusively stocks the cheese alternative, has expanded its listing to 470 stores – up from the 235 it initially appeared in back in October 2019.

Applewood said it was now in conversation with other retailers and food-to-go firms as it prepared for a wider rollout of the product.

“The success of Applewood Vegan has defied all expectations since it was launched,” said an Applewood spokesman.

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“The word spread so rapidly on social media that 40% of all stores sold out of Applewood Vegan on day one.”

The cheese alternative, which has been made in partnership with Heather Mills’ plant-based food company VBites, was launched at the end of September 2019 and consists of coconut oil, potato & maize starch and yeast extract with paprika and smoke flavouring.

It comes as Asda announced searches for the term “vegan” had gone up by more than 400% this month in comparison to January 2019.