The Planted.steak is the first product to be launched from Planted’s ‘whole-muscle platform’

Planted, a Swiss foodtech company, has launched a plant-based fermented steak alternative.

The ‘Planted.steak’ is the first product to be launched from Planted’s “whole-muscle platform” – a proprietary manufacturing process where the alt meat is grown via fermentation. It is planning launches across DTC channels as well as in retailers across Europe later this year.

Planted.steak “oozes juiciness, tenderness and a rich distinctive umami flavour” thanks to the fermentation process, the brand said.

It is made from natural ingredients including soya protein, rapeseed oil, bean and rice flours and microbial cultures.

It is high in protein and fibre, contains B12 and iron and is low in saturated fat and contains no additives.

“Our Planted.steak is designed to satisfy even the most discerning palate,” said Pascal Bieri, co-founder of Planted. “It’s a true game-changer, not only for us but also for the whole category.”

Bieri added that the company had worked with over 50 gastronomy professionals to “achieve a steak that is literally unreal, in taste, texture, application and overall eating experience”.

The brand claims that planted.steaks use 97% less CO2 per product weight compared with its animal counterpart.

Investment from the Swiss Innovation Agency in early 2023 meant Planted was able to launch its fermentation-based steak only a year later.

Planted aims to use its whole muscle platform to create as many different products as possible. The whole muscle was comparable to a full loin, which gave the brand versatility, it said.

The news has coincided with the announcement of the company’s strategic expansion of its production capabilities with its new fermentation facility in Kemptthal, Switzerland.

The new production site has created 30 technical and operational jobs.

“Our aim is to introduce innovative products from our fermentation platform to the market fast, particularly our Planted.steak, which utilises the most advanced and disruptive fermentation technology today in terms of scalability, taste and product quality,” said Lukas Böni, co-founder and executive board member of Planted.

The building is shared by other foodtech companies and has an eco-friendly energy system which uses the ambient air as an energy source.