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Source: Upfield

The Flora owner has begun transitioning to paper packaging across its portfolio

Upfield has announced the world’s first plastic-free recyclable tub for its plant butters and spreads.

The Flora owner has begun transitioning to paper packaging across its portfolio, delivering on the company’s ambition to reduce plastic content by 80% by 2030.

In collaboration with Footprint, MCC and Pagès Group, the new packaging was launched in Austria with Flora Plant towards the end of 2023.

Upfield intends to roll out its paper solution wider with an aim to replace up to two billion plastic tubs by 2030, avoiding more than 25,000 tons of plastic waste per year.

The pioneering paper tubs are made from compressed wet paper fibres and are waterproof, oil-proof and recyclable in local paper waste streams.

Unlike many paper packaging solutions, Upfield’s paper tubs do not have a plastic liner so they can be recycled along with other paper and cardboard household waste.

“As a global leader in plant-based foods, we take our responsibility to make a positive impact on the world seriously,” said David Haines, group CEO for Upfield.

“Globally, 40% of all plastic produced is for packaging that is used once and then discarded. It is clear the issue of plastic waste is one of the most critical facing our environment.”

The tub has received Conventional Plastic-Free Certification and uses paper from a PEFC-certified supplier.

Upfield expects the packaging to achieve home compostability certification by 2025.

“This new paper tub marks a true milestone for sustainable packaging that significantly minimises reliance on plastic,” said Karina Cerdeira, head of packaging for Upfield. “We will continue pushing boundaries through further innovation to adapt for compostability, develop new sizes and formats, and refine towards the optimal solution.”