The brand said it has used “cutting-edge extrusion technology” which is “gentle on proteins” to create the product

VFC has launched a new core recipe it says better replicates the texture and flavour of meat in a trio of new wheat protein-based products.

The vegan meat alternative brand has launched new Chick*n Tenders, Spicy Fillets and its first product targeting children’s dining, Chick*n Stompers.

The brand said it had used “cutting-edge extrusion technology” which was “gentle on proteins” to create the product and further mimicked the juiciness, texture and flavour of chicken.

“The result is a plant-based experience that’s even more meat-like, delicious, convenient and incredibly versatile without costing a wing and a leg,” said Adam Lyons, founder of VFC.

The range remains HFSS-compliant and includes a crispier, crunchier southern-fried cornflake coating, higher protein and less salt.

“Championing taste in this category is key to converting more people across all age groups into more sustainable meat-free alternatives so that animals no longer have to be part of the food system,” added Lyons.

The brand’s first leap into children’s food, Chick*n Stompers (rsp: £3.50/288g), will be available in Sainsbury’s on 6 November.

VFC said it had taken the decision to develop the product to “meet a gap for more exciting, better-tasting kids’ options in the meat-free aisle”. It carried out independent consumer research that found almost 50% of 121 10 to 11-year-olds preferred the taste of Stompers over the market-leading brands in both meat and meat-free.

“This is a hugely exciting time as we lead on best plant-based ‘meat taste’ with our next-generation recipe, strengthen our core range with Crispy Chick*n Tenders and Spicy, and broaden our offer to kids’ mealtimes,” said Lyons.

The new Chick*n Tenders (rsp: £3/200g) were made available in Tesco stores on 31 October and Sainsbury’s on 6 November, replacing the Chick*n Bites, and will be rolled out in Ocado on 30 November. 

The Spicy Fillets (rsp: £3/190g), which include a habanero paste in the coating, will also launch into Sainsbury’s on 6 November.