Poundland Christmas dinner

Source: Poundland

A surprise new contender has today entered the frozen Christmas dinner wars: Poundland.

The variety discounter is offering two deals for a family of five – one covering the main course and another providing four courses – and boasting: “This isn’t just a Christmas dinner – it’s a Poundland Christmas dinner!”

It follows frozen Christmas dinner deals from Tesco, Asda, Ocado, Iceland and Heron Foods.

At £25, Poundland’s main course comes in at £5 a head, making it slightly more expensive than Tesco, Iceland and Asda’s deals, which cost £4.81, £4.65, and £4.40 per head respectively.

The cheapest Christmas dinner deal yet is from Heron Foods, at £15 for four people, or £3.75 a head.

Poundland’s main course deal consists of a £2kg turkey crown, stuffing, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, gravy, parsnips, sprouts and carrots.

For another £9.25, shoppers can add Young’s frozen prawns, a cheese selection, crackers and Baileys Profiteroles, making it a four-course meal for £34.25 deal. It then comes in at £6.85 a head, and sets Poundland apart from the other retailers, who have only launched main course deals.

Poundland can offer its first ever Christmas dinner thanks to its rollout of frozen & chilled food to 500 stores so far, enabled by its acquisition of Fultons Foods in 2020. By the end of 2023, Poundland aims to have increased the number to over 800 – nearly its whole estate.

“This is no cracker joke – for the first time we’re making sure millions of our shoppers can buy their Christmas dinner at Poundland,” said the retailer’s commercial director Tim Bettley.

“Hundreds of our stores now have chilled and frozen food with stores now also offering fresh fruit & vegetables.

“And in more and more places across the UK, we’re offering an alternative to the big supermarkets, whether it’s for everyday meals or the special ones like Christmas Day.”

Poundland has also provided a branded Christmas dinner menu for shoppers to print for guests: 

Poundland Christmas dinner menu

Source: Poundland

Poundland’s Christmas dinner menu