Poundland TV ad still with Alan Devally (med res)

Source: Poundland

The TV ad campaign starring comedian Alan Devally is set to debut this Saturday

Poundland is launching its first national TV advertising campaign to spread the message about its transformation and new ranges.

Viewers will be told “This is your land” in an ad starring comedian Alan Devally and highlighting Poundland’s food, clothing, toiletries and low prices.

The aim is to “reach out to regular customers and those who may not have seen the huge changes, from store makeovers to new openings and extensive changes to ranges”, according to Poundland.

Poundland also today announced its own electronics brand, Viido, offering a range of gadgets such as wireless earbuds for £10 and ultra-slim keyboards for £12. The brand has a dedicated website at Viido.tech.

“It’s time to tell customers – old and new – that Poundland is changing and it’s time to come and take another look,” said Poundland MD Barry Williams.

“Our regular customers can already see the store makeovers, but we know there’s millions of people who need to be told what we’ve become.

“But as much as we’re changing to bring new ranges to customers, our promise to deliver amazing value is still as strong today as it was thirty years ago.

“And across the UK, our proud colleagues are ready to show customers new and old what we’ve now got in store.”

The ad is set to debut on Saturday 13 November.