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Source: Poundland

Poundland is taking advantage of the economies of scale in sourcing through its parent company to lower prices.

The variety discounter is now sourcing its clothing lines at group level from parent Pepco, resulting in a new range in over 560 stores – and an average 10% reduction in prices, according to the retailer.

Poundland’s general merchandise range is set to complete a similar change by early next year, as the retailer seeks to better leverage the group’s scale.

In clothing, it has allowed lower prices by tapping “the scale of Pepco Group’s buying power for its 4,600-plus stores across Europe” Poundland said.

The new clothing ranges include Harry Potter, Gremlins, Tom & Jerry, Disney, and Star Wars branded garments, as Poundland takes advantage of “Pepco’s major licensing partnerships”.

Every Poundland store selling clothing has also doubled the space devoted to baby lines and expanded the children’s range by 50%, while introducing a number of new brands.

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“As we’ve transitioned to these new ranges over the past three months, it’s been clear our customers have appreciated the lower prices and new ranges – especially in baby and kidswear,” said Poundland commercial director Tim Bettley.

“By taking advantage of the scale of our parent company, we’re able to double down on the promise we make to deliver the amazing value we’re famous for.”

Customers will now see ranges change much more frequently, with new clothing lines arriving every week, according to Poundland.

Among the stores to get the new range are the 56 former Wilko shops that Poundland has reopened in recent weeks under its own branding.