Barry and Leigh

Source: Walsall FC

Poundland MD Barry Williams (left) and Walsall FC chairman Leigh Pomlett

Walsall Football Club’s home ground has been renamed Poundland Bescot Stadium in a sponsorship deal.

Poundland, whose customer support centre is in Walsall, has partnered with the football club since 2020 but has now become its principal sponsor for the next three years.

It’s Walsall FC’s biggest ever commercial partnership and also sees Poundland’s name on the front and back of the team’s new strip, as well as splashed across the top of the two-tier stadium.

“While we’re a national wide retailer, involved in communities right across the UK, Walsall and the Midlands will always be our home,” said Poundland MD Barry Williams.

“And that’s why we’re so proud to take our relationship with Walsall Football Club to the next level as we support the role they also play in our community.

“We’re very honoured to be able to add our name to the Bescot Stadium we know the fans and the community love.”

Walsall FC chairman Leigh Pomlett said: “A company with their head office in Walsall sponsoring the town’s football club seems so fitting.

“The relationship has become closer and closer over time but this takes it to a new level.”