Powerful Yoghurt to target men with 2014 UK launch

Powerful Yogurt will be sold on its protein content

After Chobani and Greek Gods, a third US Greek-style yoghurt brand is making a play for the UK - with a new product aimed at men.

Powerful Yogurt launched in the US last year, and will come to the UK and Ireland in the first quarter of next year.

Specifically targeting men, it will initially be available in four flavours - plain, banana, mango and strawberry - and will be marketed on its high protein content: 25g for the plain variant, and 20g for the fruit versions.

The yoghurt will be made in Ireland under licence by Irepak. In the US, the yoghurts are described as ‘Greek’, but Irepak MD Robert Doyle said his company would await the outcome of the appeal in the Chobani versus Fage case later this year before deciding what to call it in the UK. Chobani and Fage are battling over whether strained yoghurt not made in Greece can be called ‘Greek’ or must be labelled ‘Greek-style’.

He added the ‘Greek’ descriptor was not crucial to Powerful Yogurt’s positioning, as “the product is sold on its protein”.

Irepak would slightly change the pack design ahead of the UK and Irish launch, flagging up the protein content more prominently and “tweaking the graphics” to appeal more specifically to British and Irish consumers, Doyle said.

Irepak will initially look to gain distribution in gyms and health food stores, with mainstream supermarkets to follow. In the US, the brand was currently listed in 350 outlets but expected to more than double that by the end of September, said Doyle.