Christmas confectionery favourite Quality Street is making a move into the freezer cabinets as part of a range of new products from Richmond Ice Cream.

The three most popular Quality Street lines - the purple one, the green one and the orange one - are being immortalised as ice creams from next month in a bid to bring some seasonal cheer to the category.

The products stay true to their confectionery kindred, containing the same ingredients used for the individual chocolates.

The purple one features caramel ice cream with praline hazelnuts and ripples of caramel sauce, the green one contains praline ice cream with praline sauce and the orange one is made from orange ice cream covered in milk chocolate filled with crunchy orange sugar crystals.

Helen Scandle, Néstle brand manager, said: "Quality Street is a British institution and the sweets are popular with men and women across all age groups. There is no doubt that these ice creams will also prove to be a major hit with consumers."

The products will be boosted by a £4m media spend for Quality Street by Nestlé this year, including TV ads in November, but will also be backed by specific ice cream adverts running in the consumer press at the same time.

Other new lines for Christmas include an ice cream cone version of the Fab lolly, which the company said would give the brand greater appeal among adults as well as children. Fab cone is made from strawberry ice cream and syrup and is topped with the brand's iconic multicoloured sugar strands.

Richmond Ice Cream's low-fat Skinny Cow brand is also being given a new addition, with the launch of a Truly Lovin' Toffee variant in October. The new entrant will sit alongside the others in the range - Completely Mintal, Truffle Berry Fling and Madly Deeply.

TV adverts featuring the voice of Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox are returning in January to support the Skinny Cow brand, with sampling taking place during the pre-bikini season.