Producer: Cricketer Farm
Region: Somerset
Created: 2012

What’s your story? “We’ve been making cheese close to the Quantock Hills since the 1940s,” says head cheesemaker Peter Derbyshire (left). “We make a Cheddar called Quantock Gold, which is made from milk of Jersey and Guernsey cows. This year, we decided to blend our Cheddar with diced dried apples soaked in Burrow Hill medium dry Somerset Cider.”

Why is your cheese a regional gem? “It’s simply the true taste of Somerset. It combines Cheddar with the other traditional products Somerset is famous for - cider and apples.”

The Grocer says: Some people can be rather sniffy about blended cheese, but this aromatic beauty won over even the most hardened sceptics. The cheese launched only this year and Cricketer is still looking for listings - we can’t imagine they’ll have to wait long.