Source: Boots

The retailer has added ranges from brands such as Pri’s Puddings, Twiglets and Cheesies

Boots has introduced non-HFSS snack ranges in its stores – despite uncertainty around the future of the legislation.

The retailer has confirmed it is rolling out a new fixture with 11 snack ranges from better-for-you brands such as Squirrel Sisters, Pri’s Puddings, Chum Fruit Bites, Go Ahead, Twiglets, Nuud and Cheesies, as well as Walker’s Max and 45 Less Salt ranges.

Pri’s Puddings said the move presented “an opportunity for HFSS compliant brands to replace traditional confectionery and healthy snacking options” in meal deals.

Under the proposed legislation, HFSS items can still appear in meal deals but will face restrictions on their location.

However, the news comes amid reports the new government led by Liz Truss could be set to scrap not just the HFSS rules but its entire anti-obesity strategy, despite retailers and suppliers having spent millions on reformulating and relaunching products, and coming up with strategies to adapt to the proposed regulations.

Many retailers intend to go ahead with changes the legislation would have required, even if it does not come into force.

Speaking at the British Frozen Food Federation conference in Stratford-upon-Avon earlier this month, Tesco’s prepared food category director Thomas Lye said while he personally believed the legislation was “weak in some regards, it was a step forward and I think taking a step back is the wrong thing to do”.

“They have already scrapped [previously planned rules to ban volume promotions] but we’ve said we’re going to honour that bit anyway and not have multibuys on unhealthy products, because we think it’s the right thing to do.

“The legislation forced a change that will be better for consumers, so I don’t really agree with it being reversed. I would rather it came in and we worked on the imperfections of it.”