thai box

Source: Co-op

The box sets serve two people, include mains and sides in each and are made from 100% British meat 

The Co-op has launched five new ‘fake-away’ meal kit boxes available in different themed cuisines including Indian and Thai.

The value-led range can be delivered via Deliveroo in 30 minutes or bought in selected stores for £8.

The box sets serve two people, include mains and sides in each and are made from 100% British meat.

Options include the Tex Mex box which comes with beef burritos and the Peri Peri box which includes a side of spicy rice and crispy onions.

“Co-op is famous for convenience and our new ‘fake-away’ boxes will really meet the needs of our shoppers who want that quick-grab-and-go dinner option, and the fact they can be delivered too makes it even more convenient,” said head of product development Michelle Rowley.

“The meal kits are simple to cook at home in the oven, take less than 30 minutes and are inspired by some of the nation’s most-loved dishes, making them an easy switch from the traditional, and often costly, takeaway.

“With everyone’s budgets tightening, Co-op is dedicated to making sure value remains a top priority.

“However, we also know shoppers really care where their food comes from and we’ve ensured we continue to support British farmers by only using 100% British meat in our meal kits.

“The added bonus of having the kits available on Co-op’s same-day delivery online service and Deliveroo means customers can still feel like they are getting that takeaway fix.”