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Source: Juul

The initial launch will see almost 500 MFG sites stocking the core Juul range

US vaping brand Juul has added forecourt operator Motor Fuel Group to its burgeoning number of UK retail listings.

The Juul products went into stores earlier this month and the initial launch will see almost 500 MFG sites stocking the core Juul range. MFG operates more than 900 sites across the UK and Juul expects the range to gain listings across more of the estate in time.

“We are delighted to be working with MFG to introduce the Juul range to convenience customers,” said Juul Labs UK sales director John Patterson.

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“Part of rolling out to a broader range of retailers and new channels means that we have to reinforce our key policies and practices around age-gating. Retailers should remember that vaping products - both devices and refills - are age-restricted products and Juul enforces a strict youth prevention policy. ‘Challenge 25’ is a prerequisite for any retailer we partner with and we police this regularly with independent mystery shoppers, while imposing sanctions on non-compliant retailers. As we strive to improve the lives of the UK’s 7.4 million adult smokers, it is important that all our partners, big and small, value our mission and also act responsibly.”

MFG retail director Paul Dennis said: “At MFG, we are always looking at ways to stay ahead of the curve and being first to market with new products is one of the ways we can add value and differentiate our stores from other forecourt sites.

“I believe the opportunity for the UK vaping channel is huge and improving and enhancing customer choice in the tobacco alternative category is a priority. We are delighted to be the first major convenience forecourt operator for Juul and look forward to working with them on their mission.”

Since launching in the UK in July, Juul is now listed in Sainsbury’s, Boots, Harrods, Selfridges, specialist vape stores and its own age-restricted website.