Booths has set its sights on two-person households this Christmas, with a wave of new products targeting pre-family shoppers looking for something less traditional.

The retailer claims the trend for a wider range of smaller, more premium dishes at the Christmas dinner table dictated much of its roast range this year, whilst its party food selection was inspired by the success of its Asian-inspired ready meals over the past year, including new lines like Angus beef bon bons with a teriyaki glaze and vegetable gyoza dumplings. Here are our top picks from the festive lineup. 

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Booths Chicken Cushion Cameo 13

British Chicken Cushion 

Following the success of its Cockerel Cushion last year, the retailer has added a second boneless poultry line to its Christmas range. The apple-fed British Chicken Cushion comes wrapped in British bacon and stuffed with gluten-free cranberry and handmade pork sausage meat, weighing in at 1.4kg (rsp: £22) to target smaller households.

Bleikers Lemon Jelly Salmon book

Smoked Salmon Mousse 

One of the more decadent new lines hitting Booths’ festive range this year, this creamy smoked salmon mousse is covered with a layer of lemon jelly and topped with diced smoked salmon and lumpfish caviar. Impressing Christmas dinner guests with this high-end starter comes at a cost, however. Two 110g pots will set you back £5.50.


Booths Sausage Swirls cameo 1

Swirly Pigs in Blankets

These Cumberland sausage lookalikes provide a literal twist on the traditional pig in a blanket. The hefty side dish is made up of prime cuts of British pork, hand-wrapped in British streaky bacon before being twirled into a sausage wheel. It costs £3.75 per two-pack. 

Party Food x6_Chicken Kebabs Cameo 19

Sticky Yakitori Chicken Kebabs

This Asian interpretation of the standard kebab consists of pieces of tender chicken thigh marinated in a sticky Japanese-style yakitori sauce (which includes soy sauce and honey among other ingredients) on mini skewer sticks. Booths shoppers can grab an eight-pack of the bitesize kebabs for £7, or mix and match three festive party food packs for the price of two. 


Booths King Prawn Stars book

King Prawn Stars

Featuring whole, tail-on king prawns mixed with vegetables and encased in a shortcrust pastry, this product offers a trade up on the prawn toast one might typically find on a table of festive finger food. The stars (rsp: £7/eight) are topped with black and white sesame seeds, and join a slew of Asian-inspired party food innovations for the retailer this year, including a new 68-piece Oriental Party Platter. 


Christmas Wreath Sausage Roll Cameo 09

Festive Wreath

This puff pastry centrepiece contains a handcrafted mix of prime cut, rare breed pedigree pork. Sourced from Cinderhill Farm in Gloucestershire, party hosts willing to splash out can buy the 1.8kg savoury wreath for £25. 

Bites and Slices DPS Cameo 05

Sweet Bites

Inspired by retro flavours, this Christmas five new sweet bites will hit Booths shelves. Packs of Amaretti Tiffin, Black Forest Brownie, Raspberry Cheesecake, Sticky Toffee and Marshmallow Milkshake bites each cost £2.85, containing nine bites, with a festive offer of two packs for £5. The retailer claims the new lines tap growing demand for permissible but portionable indulgence.

vegan flapjacks

Vegan Slices

For vegans with a sweet tooth, Booths will be introducing Fruity Flapjacks, containing cranberries, cherries and sultanas and slathered in white chocolate, pistachio nuts and raspberry crumb, and Gingerbread Crumble Slices, comprising of gingerbread under a layer of festive spiced mincemeat and candied mixed peel, topped with an oat crumble (rsp: £2.85/four).  

Sugar Therapy Gin Fizz Trifle

Gin Fizz Trifle

Brits’ love affair with gin shows no signs of waning. Booths’ new fizz trifle proves it, featuring layers of Genoese sponge that would make Mary Berry proud, alongside gin-infused strawberry jelly, pieces of real strawberries, vanilla crème pâtissière and whipped cream. The boozy trifle serves eight and has a price tag of £13. 

OwnLabel19_Logo__Great Food

The Grocer Own-Label Accreditation Scheme

How do you know if the own brand product you’re buying is as good as the big brand version? By looking for our Great Food and Great Drink labels, of course. Supermarket products with these on let you know that they have been tried, tested and loved by an independent panel, which is made up of hundreds of shoppers from across the UK.

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