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Focus on Frozen Food: 26 May

Everyone loves to hear about an underdog coming up trumps. The frozen category has made a Rocky-style turnaround this year, coming out of nowhere to become the new champion of food and drink, with value sales totalling over £6.1bn.


Focus On Healthcare and Supplements: 19 May

The ageing population is doing wonders for Britain’s healthcare and supplements market, it would seem. As older consumers take an increasing interest in their health, 50 plus multivitamins are steaming ahead to become as the nation’s fastest growing vitamin, worth £15m in their own right. 


Focus on Bread and Baked Goods: 5 May

Brits are going continental. We may be departing from the EU but in the case of breakfast, we’re more than happy to take the lead from our European neighbours. 

own label

Focus On Own Label: 21 April

From snow globe sandwiches to prosecco crisps, you could hardly accuse the retailers of failing to be innovative this year. Aldi and Lidl may make their money from being ‘like brands, only better’ but the major players are looking to pave their own way in gaining share.

Focus On Meat

Focus On Meat: 12 May

You can hardly move for all the talk about vegetarian and veganism these days. According to a poll conducted on behalf of the Grocer, 40% of young people are either worried about the environmental impact of eating meat or have cut it out of their diets altogether


Focus On Crisps, Nuts and Snacks: 28 April

Focus On: Crisps, Nuts and Snacks by Rob Brown


Focus On UK Food and Drink Shows: 14 April

Focus On: UK Food and Drink Shows by Ash O’Mahony


Focus on Soft Drinks: 14 April

The long-awaited sugar tax is finally hitting home. From 1 April, brands with more than 5g of added sugar per 100ml will be subject to a government levy.


Focus on Wine and Champagne: 7 April

Wine is growing faster than sparkling for the first time since 2013, driven by shoppers swapping champers for white wine (likely due to champagne’s 9.1% average price increase this year). 


Focus On Beauty, Suncare & Holiday Essentials: 7 April

Despite a declining toiletries market, Beauty and Suncare is on the up, with every sector - with the exception of hand cream - in growth, and lip care value sales soaring an impressive 13.4%.

Yoghurt flavours

Focus On Yoghurts & Potted Desserts: March 31

Focus on Yoghurts and Potted Desserts by Natalie Brown Download feature synopsis ...

barbecue meat

Focus on BBQ: 24 March

Barbecues are going health-conscious. Today it’s all about lean cuts of meat such as chicken and when we do go for red meat, it’s premium fare

bottled water

Focus on Bottled Water: 17 March

Say bye bye to boring bottled water. Today’s consumers are looking for anything but bland.

ice cream

Focus on Ice Cream: 3 March

Shoppers are continuing to buy ice cream more frequently than last year and are paying more on average, with prices up 6%.


Focus on Dairy Drinks: 10 March

The milkshake is bringing all the boys to the yard.


Focus on Infant and Child Care: 17 February

Despite baby food’s struggles, baby snacks remain on the up, and baby toiletries have been revived by big brand NPDs that sent value sales soaring. 


Focus on Juices and Smoothies: 24 February

  Focus On: Juices and Smoothies by Natalie Brown


Focus on Pizza: 17 February

Pizza continues to bring in the dough. Sales are up as consumers feast on pizza of all shapes and sizes – from chilled deep pan to frozen thin and crispy.

Fairtrade labels

Focus on Fairtrade: 3 February

Fairtrade has taken its fair share of flak of late, yet it is still doing a roaring trade.   


Focus on e-cigarettes and vaping: 10 February

In the world of vaping, supermarkets are losing out to smaller, specialist shops



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