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Focus On Adult Soft Drinks: 9 December

Tired of all the doom and gloom, economic uncertainty and soaring costs as Britain shuffles towards Brexit? Then we have just the tonic

sainsbury's meal deal sandwiches

Focus On Food On the Go: 2 December

Every lunchtime, the retail sector does battle over time pressed Brits’ hungry tums. And it’s a battle worth fighting


Focus On Cheese: 25 November

The cheese market has returned to growth and some brands have seen sales rise, although cheddar is continuing to lose share to own label. Why?

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Top Products 2017: 16 December

The Grocer’s Top Products Report is a must-have reference tool for anyone in UK FMCG

Cornish pasty

Focus On Savoury Pastries and Meat Snacks: 18 November

Brits might be eating less meat, but that doesn’t apply if the meat in question happens to be wrapped in pastry

Tortilla chips & salsa

Focus On World Cuisine: 11 November

Which brands and retailers are cashing in Britain’s increasingly exotic culinary tastes? And how?

fish prices

Focus On Fish: 11 November

What’s convincing shoppers that fish is still worth paying that little bit more for?


Focus On Pasta & Pasta Sauces: 4 November

What inflation? As prices rise elsewhere in grocery, the average price of pasta is falling as retailers fight tooth and nail to keep hold of shoppers

fitness supplements

Focus On Protein: 21 October

If there’s one trend that’s defined NPD and marketing in recent years, it’s protein. Drinks brands, bakers, confectioners and more have been adding protein to their products to appeal to everyone from sports nuts to those who merely want to stay sated for longer.

Women's razors

Focus On: Personal Care & Toiletries: 28 October

Personal care and toiletries are back in growth! This time a year ago, the sector was struggling, but in the past year sales have increased, driven by a sparkling performance for oral care

cat and dog pets

Focus On Petcare: 21 October

The petcare sector is in the doghouse but despite the decline in sales, some are managing to grow by offering premium products more akin to human food (soups, casseroles, etc). Some retailers are even moving chillers into their petcare aisles. So could the humanisation of pet food help the sector return to growth? What else will save it?

Cold & flu medication

Focus on Winter Remedies: 14 Oct

The winter remedies market is in fine fettle; sales have surged in the past year and volumes up with growth driven by the development of pricier remedies. 


Focus On Cakes & Biscuits: 14 Oct

Brits have spent an extra £31.1m on cake in the past year, munching their way through an extra 6.6 million kilos of the stuff. Meanwhile, biscuits are being left in the tin. What factors are driving this? 

Anuga 2013

Focus On Anuga: 7 October

For five days, the world’s leading food fair will be showcasing some of the best international food and drink from around the world. Anuga 2017 has identified sustainability as the key trend at this year’s exhibition. So, how are exhibitors tapping into this trend?

Bearded hipster drinking from a beer bottle

Focus On Alcoholic Drinks: 7 October

Less is more in the booze aisles. The past year has seen huge range reductions in the big four and more Brits are curbing their booze. Yet booze sales are booming. What’s going on? 

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate

Focus On Confectionery: 30 September

Confectionery is under fire from all sides, how this affecting sales? How are retailers and manufacturers responding?

man drinking protein shake gym

Focus On Sports Nutrition: 23 September

Supermarket sales of sports nutrition have passed the £100m mark in the past year

Gin & tonic

Focus On Spirits: 16 September

We all know gin is in. It’s delivered nearly half the spirits sector’s £100m plus growth in the past year. But where else is the growth coming from?

tesco milk aisle

The Dairymen 2017: 16 September

The Grocer’s flagship annual dairy supplement is back. This year we explore how the industry can take advantage of the dramatic shifts in the market.

ketchup and razor

Focus On Sauces & Condiments: 9 September

The sauces & condiments sector is in fine fettle, with value sales up 1.9% on volumes up 1%. But delve a little deeper and it’s a mixed picture…

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