Müller accounted for 54% of promotional featured space activity in the top five chilled yoghurts & pot desserts rankings at the weekend - a massive 31 percentage points more than nearest rival Yoplait.

The win consolidated Müller's number one position in the year-to-date chart, with 40% of activity. At the weekend, promotions were available in all five retailers. Brands such as Little Stars Fromage Frais and Müller Healthy Balance Yoghurts were promoted alongside one another. Three mechanics were favoured: x-for-y, save and bogof.

Yoplait lagged way behind accounting for 23% of activity. Prominent brands included Petits Filous Fromage Frais and Frubes using save in Sainsbury and Tesco, bogof in Somerfield and x-for-y in Asda.

Gü and Frü pot desserts took third place with 8% last weekend. Sainsbury's was the only retailer among those audited to have the brands on featured space promotion with all offers using the save mechanic.

Nestlé's offers put the brand in fourth place with 6% of the top five's activity. Milkybar and Rolo Desserts were available using x-for-y in Tesco and Munch Bunch Fromage Frais was on bogof in Morrisons. Danone and Cadbury share fifth place with 4% each. Danone utilised additional featured space in Sainsbury with its Actimel 12-pk range using save, while Cadbury was on promotion in Tesco with its Twinpot ranges using x-for-y.

Since 28 April, when the category was last reviewed, there has been no change in the top five brands.

However, though Müller remains at the top of the chart, Nestlé and Danone have traded places, Nestlé gaining five points and moving into second place, while Danone dropped five points and stepped down to third.

Flora and Yoplait have also swapped fourth and fifth place. Yoplait has gained five percentage points and moved into fourth, while Flora has dropped four points and one place to fifth.