Product: Persil with Freshness of Comfort; Launched: May 2005 Sales: £8.1m 52 w/e 20 May 2006

Sales have been fairly solid for this product, which combines two of the biggest brands in laundry - Persil and Comfort - although not everybody has been impressed with it. Somerfield, for one, obviously wasn't much of a fan and has delisted the product, saying that it was too expensive. Repeat purchase is also a bit of an issue at only 17.9%, according to ACNielsen.

?Product: Magnum 5 Senses Launched: January 2005 Sales: £14.8m latest MAT

Unilever followed its successful Magnum 7 Sins with its 5 Senses range at the start of last year and sales have been very strong. According to ACNielsen, 12% of GB households have tried one or more of the range, with 29% of them making a repeat purchase. Strong sales were aided by an equally strong penetration, which reached 80% of grocery multiples.

?Product: Giotto Launched: March 2005 Sales: £3.7m MAT to 20 May 2006

Ferrero decided to take on the biscuit market with a product based on lighter European snacks rather than the heavy biscuits UK consumers like to dunk in their tea. Giotto, a biscuit/confectionery hybrid, was instead positioned at coffee drinkers who fancy something to nibble on while drinking their skinny lattes. Judging by the sales figures, its approach has worked.

?Product: Goodfella's Solos Launched: October 2005 Sales: £13.7m MAT to 3 June 2006

A strong all-round performance by Goodfella's Solos justifies its place as a runner-up, although discounting of the product meant that it didn't take home the cup. With sales of £13.7m, it has clearly found favour among consumers, but some buyers have expressed concern over the pricing of the product, which they say is devaluing the frozen category.