Sacla' is launching its most premium range to date with an oven-roasted tomato line that can be eaten straight from the jar.

The range, which hits the shelves ahead of potential reformulations of other Sacla' lines for the UK market, is called Italian Oven-Roasted Tomato in the UK and Pomodori al Forno in the Italian market.

Produced from a single crop of selected tomatoes in August, it is intended to attract a new market with its indulgent appeal.

"Tomatoes are peeled immediately, then slowly roasted so they become firmer before marinating," explained Alberto Bruzzone, export marketing manager. "The result is a tomato preserve that tastes like a sauce, but in the shape of a tomato."

The company is about to air a TV campaign in Italy featuring the different ways it can be eaten such as with pasta, fish or in canapes. Advertising is likely to be adapted for the UK. The range, which was showcased at Anuga in Cologne this week, is now available for the UK market.

Sacla' has also added new flavours to its existing lines including sun-dried tomatoes in strips that can go straight into sandwiches. The tomatoes used in the premium range will also be used in a new stir-through variant, Oven-Roasted Tomato & Rocket.

"This stir-through is a wow sauce for Sacla'. It has taken six months to get the concept right and trialling recipes to get the product just right," added Bruzzone.

The launches come as Sacla' begins looking at potential reformulations for the UK market. Through its own label supply of sauces to Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Tesco, it has already started cleaning up its ranges, including cutting salt content.

"This isn't happening in other countries - it's really the UK and the US that are so health conscious. In southern Europe it's about enjoying food, whereas the UK is a nation of label readers," said Brizzone.

Sacla' is also considering front-of-pack labelling for the brand in the UK.