Exotic fruit is coming under the spotlight in Sainsbury stores in a bid to expand consumer knowledge beyond mangoes.
The retailer recently conducted a ‘try me free’ promotion on paw paw fruit which saw sales soar 300% during April and May.
Working with promotions agency MKM, consumers simply had to post their receipt to the agency to receive a cheque for a full refund, said exotic fruit and melons buyer, Leo Muid.
He added: “The idea was to drive penetration on a product that has a lot of potential but is one that is not really recognised by consumers.”
Muid said following the ‘try
me free’ promotion, Sainsbury was keeping up pressure on paw paws with multibuy and price offers. He said sales were currently still up by 40% on the base level prior to the promotional activity.
“Part of the problem has been people not knowing what to do with the fruit, so we were providing information and ideas as well as recipe suggestions.”
He said when it came to exotic fruit Sainsbury had put a lot of effort into pushing mangoes, but now was keen to focus on other products as well.
“Paw paws have low awareness but good potential - they’re not going to reach mango levels, but retailers in Germany have had great success with paw paws.”
The retailer is also looking at other opportunities in exotics, said Muid, with sharon fruit looking a likely candidate.
“We’re looking to do something with sharon fruit closer to Christmas. You can pick it up and eat it like an apple or banana. It’s ideal for snacking.”
Ed Bedington