Sainsbury's has revived its "no difference in price" campaign after Waitrose vowed to match Tesco on 1,000 branded items.

The press ad, debuted 18 months ago, compares Tesco and Sainsbury's prices for eight products, including Anchor butter and HP Sauce. The campaign also touts Sainsbury's ethical credentials by comparing 1kg of golden granulated sugar, highlighting the identical price (£1.09), but claiming to offer a "big difference" as all Sainsbury's sugar was Fairtrade.

Waitrose said the impact of its price match push had "exceeded expectations", with weekly sales up 9.6% year-on-year.

"Some uplifts are far higher than we expected and we're very confident that over time it will become as attractive to our customers as Essential Waitrose has been over the last 18 months," said a spokeswoman.