Sainsbury's in Drumchapel came top this week as it was the only retailer to stock own-label green beans after flight disruptions hit availability.

While Bernard Matthews chicken burgers and own-label blue Stilton were out of stock, our shopper was impressed by otherwise full shelves. The appearance and attitude of all staff were excellent.

At Waitrose in Staines, own-label green beans and Warburtons Toastie were both out of stock, while Bernard Matthews chicken burgers were not stocked. But the store was well-merchandised with a flower display at the entrance.

Tesco in Abington had a "chaotic" car park, reported our shopper. Bernard Matthews chicken burgers, own-label pork pies and own-label sultana scones were not stocked, while own-label green beans and Warburtons Toastie were out of stock.

Morrisons in Stockport had the worst availability this week. It also had an untidy car park and litter at the entrance. Our shopper was impressed by a friendly checkout girl but disappointed that staff did not know their way around the store when asked for assistance.

Asda in Bacup was clean and tidy but six items were not stocked: Bernard Matthews chicken burgers, Warburtons Toastie, Banrock Station Chardonnay, Arm & Hammer whitening toothpaste, own-label scones and own-label fusilli. Green beans were out of stock.

Winner:  Brian Paton, branch manager, Sainsbury's, Drumchapel
How much did recent flight disruptions affect availability? What contingency plans did you have in place? Our fresh produce section caused us the most angst; we experienced delays with the supply of peas, beans and soft fruit.

Signs explaining these shortages were posted next to each product and were updated regularly following news from the depot. Staff were also on hand to show customers a frozen alternative. For the most part people seemed to sympathise with our situation and appreciated the efforts we were making.

What's been the response to Sainsbury's new Jamie Oliver TV ad? Sales of Taste The Difference Ultimate Pork Sausages increased by at least 30% overnight following Saturday's broadcast. People are usually interested in something Jamie has endorsed but this latest popularity surge has really taken off.

We'll be building on this success by handing out samples in-store and hosting a garden-themed event this bank holiday weekend.

What other products have been doing particularly well recently? Our newly launched free-from range has had incredible interest since it launched in February. Customers are starting to take advantage of our resident nutritionist, who is on hand to offer extra advice on any of our 100 gluten, wheat and dairy-free products.

She's also talking to more local schools and community groups in a bid to show people what Sainsbury's can do for people suffering with allergies and intolerances. Word is definitely starting to spread.

What would make the biggest improvement to the store? I'm convinced a clothing and homeware range would do really well in Drumchapel. Money is tight in Glasgow, and we could be attracting more business by offering customers a good-value one-stop-shop solution.

When our nearest Asda had its refit and the first Waitrose store opened in west Scotland last year, we had to concentrate on what we were good at strong service and availability. We've established a great reputation for both, so it makes sense to move up a gear.