Sainsbury’s in Hessle wins with a score of 81, 100% availability and great customer service. “The store is light and airy with plenty of space between aisles and is clearly signed throughout”. Staff were “working hard to restock shelves and were helpful and knowledgeable” though “some restocking trolleys had been left unattended”.

Only one point behind is Tesco Chesterfield. On the ground floor sits a number of other retailers including Greggs, Subway and a beauty salon. Tesco is upstairs with an “abundance of natural light” and “enticing seasonal displays”. Staff were happy to help but not all items on the list could be found. “The ladies bathroom was in a terrible state.”

At Morrisons St Andrews, the fruit & veg displays were “impressive” and “a very cheerful assistant was offering samples of strawberries, meringue and cream”. Staff were friendly and helped look for items but didn’t always check the stockroom. Availability was poor.

Asda in Liverpool “has a decent range of services”. The “fruit section had large gaps and though there was “in-store sampling of strawberries, none were available on shelves”. Staff were “friendly” but “didn’t go out of their way to check stock”. Availability was very poor.

Waitrose in Nailsea “had some gaps on the shelves” yet “restocking trolleys in the aisles seemed largely unmanned”. One member of staff checked stock levels but another asked our shopper “to wait while she finished her reduction labelling”. A very quick checkout but only 27 items on our shopping list were available.