morrisons checkout staff

Morrisons’ staff in Bangor came over as ’pleasant, chatty and kind’

Breaking Sainsbury’s winning streak, Morrisons in Bangor came top this week. Our shopper was delighted to see a “fantastic amount of choice” and praised the shop floor service - an employee offered help on getting better value with a promotional item. Checkout service also scored highly, with the staff member there described as “pleasant, chatty and kind”.

Waitrose in Ipswich was also identified as having great customer service with “very helpful” employees and extra tills opened as soon as a queue formed. The store was “attractive and light” but five items were unavailable.

Tesco in Ellon was “easy to navigate” and “well stocked”. Our shopper commended the store on its “excellent customer service” and noted that a manager appeared to be doing a quality check in the fresh section, which gave her “confidence in the store’s products”.

Asda in Gloucester was “generally messy and very understocked” with “many sections” having empty shelves or empty boxes where stock had been. Our shopper found staff to be “friendly and polite” but was “frustrated” with having to keep asking for help.

Aldi in Crawley was undergoing a “massive” restock at the time of our shop, but staff endeavoured to keep trolleys out of the way. Our shopper thought the shop was “surprisingly quick” and found most staff “polite and courteous”.

Sainsbury’s in Darwen was also being restocked at the time of our shop and suffered from poor availability and average customer service, but shopping was quick.