Sainsbury's staff

Sainsbury’s wins this week, with its Ashton Gate store in Bristol scoring 84 points. Our shopper found “a lot of staff present” on this busy Saturday morning, who were “very pleasant and helpful”, and “happy” to take our shopper to the right location to find the items on her list. The store was also “well stocked” and upgrades appeared to be taking place.

Asda in Broadstairs was “a little difficult to navigate” due to some “irrelevant” signage and would have benefited from more tills being open, but our shopper still gave it a combined score of 75 points. Staff were “very friendly”. Restocking was taking place and one of the fridges was broken.

Waitrose in Daventry was described as “busy” but “a lovely experience”. The store looked “smart and ordered” and was “well stocked”. Store layout was “very easy to navigate” but our shopper felt its signage was “not great”.

Tesco in Batley had five unavailable items and fell short on store standards thanks to the presence of litter - and shoes on the floor by the hot food counter! Staff were “never far away” but gave incorrect information and on the whole did not double-check for goods.

Morrisons in Boroughbridge felt “a little tired and unloved on a number of levels” with our shopper citing “poor stock levels” and “mediocre merchandising”. Employees were “tricky” to find and when tracked down only one of three took our shoppers to find products. He was described as “very good” but the shop floor service score suffered due to the other encounters.