Sainsbury’s takes a Christmas win with its Harrogate store scoring full marks on availability while “very, very helpful” staff “went out of their way to help”. The seasonal items in this week’s basket were “easy to locate…on promotional stands at the end of the aisles”. Our shopper found the store standards to be “very high” even though staff were busy.

Asda in Bangor came a very close second with high marks for shop floor and checkout service. The “modern and inviting” store was “clean and tidy” despite everywhere outside being “covered in grit and snow”. Our shopper approached several staff members for help, all of whom were “knowledgeable and helpful”.

Also scoring well, in a close third, was Waitrose in Chester, which our shopper found to be “tidy, ordered” with “an attractive display” of Christmas trees at the entrance. Employees were found “unloading or stacking” but “all staff stopped what they were doing to help”.

Tesco in Telford, Shropshire was “not that busy”. It had great availability with only one item not stocked. The shopper was especially impressed with the “good variety of services” at the store and with the presence of “management overseeing that all was running well”.

Morrisons in Solihull was described as “tired, dated, dull and claustrophobic”. Our shopper only found one of the seven employees that she asked for help to be “very helpful”, with other staff members “annoyed to have been approached”. Four items were unavailable and there were a lot of empty shelves.