Even with a relatively low overall score, Waitrose Dorking managed to secure the second Waitrose win in two weeks this week, beating Morrisons by two points. Despite a small car park and a slight queue to get in, it was tidy and plenty of trolleys were available. In store, the aisles were wide, and staff were smart and gave good advice on products that couldn’t be found.

The entrance was spacious at Morrisons Carterton. But in the chilled section the layout was confusing and illogical. Most staff were friendly and took our shopper to products enquired about, but one employee gave bad service. Plus, a mistake was made on the receipt.

There was a queue to get into the car park at Sainsbury’s Pound Lane Norwich. There were lots of Easter-themed displays, and samples of Belvita biscuits were offered. In the chilled section there were some empty spaces on shelves along with some packing debris. Shop floor staff gave the best service this week, but the checkout assistant was “disappointing”.

It was busy but orderly at Asda Swansea. Staff were restocking shelves, with some causing obstruction. Samples were being offered on fruit cider and crisps, and the staff were “friendly and accommodating”. Quite a few products were “sold out”- but not all staff checked the stockroom. The checkout assistant was “pleasant”.

At Tesco Enfield it was fairly clean and tidy on entry, but the chilled section was messy and staff encounters were varied. At the checkout there was a long queue, and the assistant was “uncommunicative”. Availability was poor.