Waitrose Crowborough secured the win this week thanks to having plenty of staff available, who were knowledgable and able to suggest alternative products when asked for assistance. The store was quiet and “nice and tidy,” with wide aisles. There was no queue at the checkout, and availability was strong.

Choice and offers impressed at Asda Newark. The store was “vibrant and busy,” and restocking trolleys were placed in sensible locations. Staff were polite, well mannered and attentive, but signage in-store was less helpful. There was minimal queuing at checkout.

Sainsbury’s Dundee was well organised, and staff checked at the back for stock. Customer service “could not be faulted” and at the checkout a staff member directed customers to the least busy till. But there was a short queue nevertheless, and no help offered with packing.

There were limited trolleys at Tesco Hull St Stephens Extra, and they weren’t in an orderly stack. Once in store, there were lots of special offers but quite a few products had fallen off shelves and there was some litter on the floor. The shortbread had to be located by an assistant, who conceded it was not in a logical location.

Morrisons Enfield was quite dark at the entrance, and a number of boxes were seen while shopping in the chilled area. The deli counter did not have any staff, merely a sign advising shoppers to go to the bakery counter. The queue time was the longest, and the customer in front had an argument with the checkout assistant who subsequently did not handle products with care.