Port Salut aims to jazz up the traditional cheese board with its unusually shaped Crémeux variety.
The cylindrically shaped semi-soft French cheese with an orange rind is designed to be cut into small slices for snacking or as a topping for bread and crackers.
Port Salut assistant brand manager Raïssa Haddad said while Crémeux was easy to slice and had a creamy taste, similar to Brie or Camembert, the flavour became stronger as it matured.
“We think consumers will be interested in it because they like snacking on blocks of cheese and say they particularly like the shape, which is very handy.”
Port Salut Crémeux has just won a listing in Waitrose (rsp: £2.19 for 180g) and is being sold at a promotional price of £1.69 for a limited period.
Lactalis UK joined the growing trend for conveniently packaged cheese when it launched a single-slice format for its French Brie under the Président banner last year.