Lucozade 2023 (1)

Lucozade Energy has given its most popular variants a “more zingy” taste – their first major reformulation since 2017.

The revamp across Original and Orange was the result of input from 6,500 consumers over 18 months of “extensive research and development”, said Lucozade owner Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I.

“The changes are subtle but further elevate the drinks’ flavours, giving Lucozade Energy drinkers more of the unique notes they associate with the brand”, the supplier added.

Both variants have also received a makeover, with their bottles given sleeves that reveal more of the liquid – aimed at increasing “purchase intent” among shoppers, according to Suntory.

Recipe tweaks and updated packs for other Lucozade Energy flavours would follow “in the coming months”.

Brand head Zoe Trimble said the move was part of a “core brand innovation” programme.

The consumer-led approach, which involved “continual prototyping and testing”, had already proven for successful for Suntory in markets in Japan and on the Continent.

“We believe across our business that brands must evolve to keep up with changing consumer needs,” Trimble said, adding the UK revamp for Energy would help it “reach even more shoppers.”

The brand’s previous reformulation of note was six years ago, when Suntory cut 50% of sugar to avoid the sugar levy.

That move cost the brand the title of Britain’s biggest energy drink, after shoppers were highly critical of the updated taste.

Lucozade Energy saw value dive 18.6% to £273.6m in the year following the sugar reduction [Circana 52 w/e 3 March 2018].

It has since recovered, growing value 9.9% last year to £316.9m [NIQ 52 w/e 31 December 2022].