Stefan Chomka
The acclaimed Sony TV advert, which features thousands of balls bouncing down a steep San Francisco hill, has been Tango&'d in a viral campaign from Britvic Soft Drinks.
The spoof advert for Tango Clear looks like the real deal, using the same soundtrack and filmed using similar techniques
to the original, but a closer look shows that the
bouncing balls have been swapped for tonnes of fruit which make their way down the street leaving behind a trail of destruction.
The strapline reads, &'It&'s clear when you&'ve been Tango&'d&', with the end shot showing a woman emerging from a pile of fruit at the bottom of the hill.
The only other major difference between the ads is that rather than being made in glamorous San Francisco, it was filmed in Swansea at a fraction of the cost.
Designed to be viewed and spread via the internet and email, the viral campaign is currently accessible online but will roll out across satellite TV channels from 5 June. It is even supported by a spoof web site directing visitors to the
fictitious Swansea North Residents&' Association, where they can watch
footage of local residents ranting about the destruction caused by the filming of the ad and sign a petition to stop other towns being destroyed by similar
campaigns in the future.
Category director Andrew Marsden said the campaign was perfectly suited to the brand&'s offbeat approach to marketing. Previous campaigns have included a man flooding his flat with Tango so he can be drenched in it.
He said the campaign had achieved 564,000 hits in its first six days and predicted this figure would rise to 3.5 million during its time online. &"It is generating significant back door interest among the young adult audience who are closely connected to emails,
messaging and the world
of multi-channel TV.&"