abel and cole veg box

Abel & Cole has rolled out eco-labelling that scores products on impacts such as CO2 emissions and water pollution.

It claims to be the first retailer to commit an entire range of products – comprising 87 fruit & veg lines – to the Foundation Earth label.

Abel & Cole said it hoped the move would put sustainability at the forefront of shopper decisions. “It can be difficult to tell how sustainable something actually is,” the organic food delivery business said.

“Often, that kind of information just isn’t shown on the packaging, so customers are left making decisions without all the facts. If biodiversity impact was on ingredient lists, every pound would be a vote,” said Abel & Cole sustainable sourcing manager Ed Ayton.

“Eco-labels like Foundation Earth’s present those facts at a glance, giving customers the knowledge they need to enjoy a more sustainable shop.”

Research for the rollout revealed a raft of facts on the produce it sourced, the retailer added. For example, Abel & Cole’s avocados from Peru were “entirely rain-fed”, rather than dependent on irrigation.

Meanwhile, its main mushroom farm generated all of its own power requirements with renewable energy.