Almond app Fact drinks

The app uses a code printed on packaging for customers to scan

A new app promises to let consumers see where each ingredient in products came from while letting brands build data on customers. 

The Almond app uses a code printed on packaging that consumers can scan with a phone to gain rewards and also learn the source of ingredients, as well as the journey they took.

To unlock a reward of 10p for every code scanned, users will have to provide their age band and gender, giving brands the same basic customer data, the makers say. Rewards will be paid into a Paypal account.

The code will be hidden somewhere only accessible once packaging has been opened and brands will also learn where and at what time products were consumed.

Almond app is due to launch on both iPhone and Android alongside a new range of organic flavoured waters, which will be the first products to use the codes. The range of sugar-free fizzy drinks, called Fact, will feature a code under the ring pull of each can.

Almond founder Oliver Bolton, who also founded and owns watermelon drink brand What a Melon, is seeking retailers for Fact and hopes to attract more brands to the app in the near future.

“Almond finally gives retail brands a way to digitise their products,” he said. “It enables them to build deeper relationships with their customers by building trust through product and supply chain transparency whilst providing a platform to reward customers with brand tokens they can redeem for cash.

“Almond’s unique position in the market will provide brands with an unparalleled understanding of their consumers and how they behave. Data will be anonymised, stored and shared responsibly and in line with all GDPR requirements.”

He added: “Brands partnered with Almond send a clear message to consumers. They are purpose-led companies with a commitment to transparency and openness. In this new digital age, this is increasingly important to customers and will build trust and authenticity around brands.”