fairtrade cocoa

Lidl is to introduce 100% sustainable cocoa in all its own label products, following The Co-op, which made a similar commitment in February.

From the end of April, ethically sourced cocoa will be used as an ingredient in more than 120 of Lidl’s private label goods, including biscuits, desserts, and seasonal and promotional confectionery lines.

The move – which follows Lidl’s collaborations with the Fairtrade Foundation, UTZ and the Rainforest Alliance – is aimed at helping enhance the lives of cocoa farming communities around the world by improving farming methods, protecting the environment, and increasing income through fair prices.

“Cocoa is a crucial ingredient for many of our products, so it is important to us, our customers and those that work across our supply chain, that it is sourced in a way that promotes sustainable production, improves working conditions and tackles wider social challenges,” said Ryan McDonnell, Lidl UK’s commercial board director.

“We are proud to be the first British supermarket to make the move to 100% sustainably sourced cocoa, and are pleased to be able to confirm the news ahead of the Easter weekend, when British families traditionally enjoy chocolate.”

The Co-op said it was “throwing down the gauntlet” to other food retailers to get them to follow its lead in February, having created a new sourcing model with the Fairtrade Foundation.